History :

The History of h@ms – Creating the Power of Volume

History of h@ms MarketingGreat ideas can take time to reach their full potential. The idea to merge hog marketing services on the prairies began over ten years ago. The thoughts then, as now, were that if we consolidated services and eliminated duplication, we could maximize efficiencies and use the power of volume to our benefit.

It wasn’t an easy or a quick road that we chose. It took ten years to find the right combinations and work the numbers to everyone’s advantage. Today, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have effectively pooled their resources to create a stronger, more innovative and efficient marketing organization.

After originally naming the joint organization Hogs @ Manitoba and Saskatchewan, by the time we launched in January 2010 we had renamed it to be more reflective of its intent, Hog Administrative Marketing Services or h@ms.

Today, h@ms uses that power of volume to work for our producers.

Initially h@ms services will focus on Manitoba and Saskatchewan producers. Our future goals include exploring opportunities in other provinces, further consolidating our operations to achieve greater efficiencies and increasing our market share and position in the industry.